A rapid, low-risk and low-cost app development service for startups

World class teams such as Google, Microsoft and Spotify have learnt how to take digital products to market quickly whilst reducing the risk of wasted investment. By applying modern thinking, we help you find a safe and rapid route to market whilst reducing your upfront investment.

Businesses of all sizes want test new ideas, so you don't have to be a startup to get value from our lean approach to developing digital products. We encourage customers to let us move quickly and help them learn what works in the real world. Often this means keeping initial costs down so budget can be later invested in ideas that are proven to work.

Lee Sommerville
Head of Production, Pocketworks

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Fresenius Medical Care

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Startup App Development Services

  • Exploring your idea and advising on solution strategies
  • Technology advice around apps, push notifications, mobile engagement, chat bots, payments and many other other modern technologies
  • Low cost app prototypes and advice on gathering reactions from target audience to validate your concepts
  • Designing live trials that will test your ideas in the real world with reduced investment
  • Polished "smoke and mirrors" prototypes for demonstrating your ideas to customers and investors
  • CTO-as-a-service: attending board meetings and supplier meetings to help you get your venture started
  • Developing complete digital products involving mobile apps, cloud, databases, IoT, reporting, messages and alerts
  • Integrating your product with 3rd party systems such as CRM and ERP
  • Creating simple, understandable user interfaces and experiences
  • Long term support and ongoing development

Reduced initial cost combined with rapid development for digital projects

Working with our lean product design team will allow you to explore solution ideas efficiently and quickly. When it comes to development, you'll see frequent visible working software, managed using the industry standard Scrum methodology.

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IoT Hardware

Helping you make important technology choices and pick winning strategies

If you're like many innovators, you'll have an idea that improves the current state of play. You might want to solve a problem in a particular industry, or increase efficiency within your existing operations. You're looking for a team that can help you do this, and who can quickly take steps to get you where you need to be. We're about helping you take safe route to market using modern product management practices. We're also technology experts, so we make sure you are solving problems using modern, best-fit technologies.

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