Amber Cars app taking 16,000 bookings a week


Launched in summer 2012, after 6 months the app went from taking 2,000 bookings a week to 16,000 bookings per week.

We developed the Amber Cars app in summer 2012. Here’s a look at how the project is progressing.

  • iPhone app was launched in September 2012
  • The app took 4 months of development and refinement
  • Customers initially made under 2,000 bookings a week with the app
  • Now they make 16,000 taxi bookings a week
  • Android version added soon after first iPhone app
  • No human intervention needed during booking process
  • Does the work of roughly 4 full time call center staff
  • We continually improve the app based on customer feedback

Faster than calling the call center

Customers download the app for their iPhone or Android phone. They can then book a taxi in only a few seconds. This is much faster than calling the call center.

Launched on Android and iPhone

The success of the iPhone version told us that an Android version was viable. Having the app on both platforms means Amber Cars can reach a wider audience, which leads to more bookings.

Improved based on customer feedback

Amber Cars listen to their customer’s feedback and send that on to us. We can then look for ways to make the app more appealing to customers, which in turn leads to increased usage.

Low running costs

The app talks directly to the taxi booking system without the need for human intervention. The app does not generate work for staff members andit’s running costs do not increase with the number of bookings the app takes.