Helping sales reps achieve success with iPad and CRM


We’ve been working with sales and marketing at Fresenius Medical Care since last spring. Their mission was to reduce costs and increase efficiency in their sales and marketing activities.

After almost a year, the project is going strong.

Value to business

The project has been a great success.

  • Over 1,500 sales calls logged each month through the iPad
  • Used by over 50 sales reps in the UK
  • Reduced print and distribution costs for marketing materials
  • Positive feedback from the sales reps

What we delivered

A sales enablement solution which allows sales reps to use iPads to replace printed marketing materials. It also removes the need to carry a laptop to sales meetings, and integrates with their CRM solution.

Some key features:

  • Product managers can distribute PDFs, videos and other content to the sales team instantly over the air.
  • Sales reps can log sales calls from within the app iPad rather than using the CRM directly on the laptop
  • The CRM capabilities include capturing product pathway, call objectives and notes
  • Sales reps can share materials with customers by email
  • Marketing can analyse detailed call analytics to understand which materials are used
  • Deployed in under 3 months on our SalesPocket platform