5 tips to achieve a million mobile bookings


Getting 1,000,000 bookings via their mobile app is no small achievement for our £6M turnover taxi customer. As their mobile apps developer, there’s things Amber are doing with mobile puts them well ahead.

Pick your battles carefully

Amber have always had a single, clear guiding star that gave direction to the project. In Amber’s case, it’s simple: increase electronic bookings at all costs. A goal this clear is incredibly useful when making “do” or “don’t do” strategic decisions around your mobile project.

Customer first

Amber know who their customers are. They segment them into 3 broad categories - students, locals and visitors. Each of these segments account for different sales volumes, and have different skill levels on mobile apps. By understanding your user intimately, you can be sure to develop an experience they’ll want to keep returning to.

Assume zero technical skills

Many of Amber’s customers are tech savvy students. That doesn’t give us a license to create an app that requires technical skill though. Quite the opposite, we make our app incredibly simple, so customers get a result even if they’re in a hurry, drunk or tired! By keeping your app as simple to use as possible, you’ll appeal to more customers and get higher conversions.

Think about the back office

Amber would have struggled to achieve over 1M bookings without seeing the bigger picture. Call center staff, operations teams, drivers are all part of the mobile strategy. We’ve implemented mobile apps for them too, to increase productivity across all levels of the business.

Integration can make or break the project

Many taxi apps fail because they aren’t connected to the information systems that underpin the business. Integration helps an app in many ways: reducing the amount of human intervention, increasing the speed of order delivery, and increasing the amount of “magic” that an app can perform. In Amber’s case, mobile app bookings don’t need human intervention like call center booking do. The booking is dispatched more quickly to make customers happy. And the app allows customers to track the car as it appraoches.