git2pdf - get your GitHub issues on the wall


WARNING: This post is for geeks and technical folk

We’ve just created an open source tool to help people visualise their project tasks. It’s called git2pdf. It’s a simple command line tool to print your github issues, so you can get them out of the dark depths of Github and onto your wall.

It’s aimed at anyone managing their creative projects with Github. It helps you visualize our work by making git easy to print you github issues

Update March 2017: This project is still being maintained, but because we use JIRA for our tickets one of the community is kindly handling pull requests.


At Pocketworks, we tend to put everything into github - features, bugs, tasks and amends. So this nifty tool means we can get that info out onto our card wall quickly.

We’re also big fans of Kanban, and particularly visualising our work so we can see bottlenecks. git2pdf allows us to get issues out of Github and onto the wall.

Nine Kanban cards printed on an A4 sheet, ready to be cut into cards

Picture showing a printout of git2pdf

Use it!

To get started, just do this in your bash prompt - only tested on Mac and Ruby 2.1:

gem install git2pdf

Usage is a bit like this:

git2pdf gen pocketworks/amber-ios -u tobinharris -p

You can do multiple repositories, and specifiy organisation separately

git2pdf gen "amber-ios, amber-android" -o pocketworks -u tobinharris -p

See our public github repo for more up to date and . It’s only in BETA at the moment, so expect wrinkles :)

The general process is that you install it, then tell it what repo(s) to print. Then, you use the Mac PDF preview to remove the cards you don’t want. The printout looks like this image.

It’s great for companies that use Kanban or scrum.

Kanban cards printed and chopped up

Picture showing a printout of git2pdf

On the task board…

Picture showing a printout of git2pdf