Salesforce, the only CRM?


If you wanted to Google your next CRM , what would you type in the search box? It’s quite possible the world is only typing one thing…


We looked at Google Trends to see what people in the UK were searching for. We were quite surprised by the results.

Recently, interest in SalesForce (red) has surpassed interest in CRM as a whole (blue). Other major platforms such as Dynamics (yellow) are a long way off

UK Interest in Major CRMs

  • Blue - the word “CRM”
  • Red - SalesForce
  • Yellow - Microsoft Dynamics
  • Green - SugarCRM
  • Purple - SAP Crm

A note of caution, Google says this isn’t search volume, but an indication of people’s interest. We’ve saved a link to the chart above so you can play with the data too.

Looking at smaller CRM’s

Just for fun, we took a look at a handful of the smaller, more agile and lightweight CRM systems which I thought might be gaining popularity. It seems there is increasing interest Pipedrive and Zoho. Highrise is surprisingly flat, but then again 37 Signals are only pushing Basecamp now, so are kind of stepping out of the CRM game.

For smaller, lighter CRMs, Zoho (green) captures more interest than Highrise(red) and Pipedrive(yellow), but Pipedrive interest is growing rapidly

UK interest in smaller CRMs

  • Blue - Base CRM
  • Red - Highrise
  • Yellow - Pipedrive (an old favourite!)
  • Green - Zoho CRM

Ultimatley though, if we add SalesForce into this picture the small guys barely register.

Salesforece (purple) captures far more interest than the smaller players

Salesforce picture

Salesforce is the purple line this time.

Is CRM as we know it on it’s way out?

The first graph on this page shows general CRM interest falling. I can’t help but wonder if something is causing a drop in interest in CRM. Or is it that SalesForce has just dominated the market as the go-to solution?

It’s possible CRM isn’t so necessary anymore. Businesses have lower cost, great tools available that reduce their need for traditional CRM. Perhaps some are realising that customer engagement is more important than customer relationship management. I’m looking forward to investing all this further.