Announcing PocketFORMS - our iPad forms app


PocketFORMS is an iPad app for data capture.

We’re on track for a May 2015 release, and we’re excited to share where we’re going with this.

What makes it different?

PocketFORMS has three guiding principles:

  • Designed for marketing people, not techies
    Seriously, it takes a minute or two to signup and get your business form onto your iPad. No technical knowledge needed. We’re desiging this for marketing managers and field sales.
  • Fat thumb friendly
    Most iPad form apps aren’t friendly to people on the move. And they’re not optimised for fat thumbs. If you’re staff are filling out forms in a field, exhibition or vehicle, it needs to be incredibly easy to use.
  • Beautiful. Branded. Simple
    Your customers will probably see and use your forms, so you want them to make a good impression. PocketFORMS look beautiful, and can be branded to your business.

PocketFORMS allows you to combine beautiful images and form data entry

PocketFORMS allows you to combine beautiful images and form data entry

What could you use it for?

  • Having your sales reps complete customer surveys after the sale
  • Your team can capture customer data at exhibitions
  • Engineers recording site survey details whilst at the site
  • Sales reps capturing sales meeting notes and sending them back to base

Where does the data go?

Capturing data is one thing. That data needs to go somewhere. Our integrations team can help with that, but here are some options.

  • CSV download for import into your existing software
  • Direct import into your CRM
  • Email it to yourself
  • Upload PDFs to your DropBox

Hear from us when we launch?

If you want to here from us when PocketFORMS is ready, please fill out the form here.