How to build a better app by knowing your customer


Successful apps are ones that people use.

Here are 3 tips to make your app successful by putting yourself in the shoes of your customer.

Update March 2017: According to the 2017 user survey, customer expectations have increased over the past few years. This means that clunky, disjointed experiences result in customers rejecting your product. Because the bar is constantly rising, knowing your customer is more important in 2017 than it was in 2015 when we wrote this.

1. Practice customer empathy

Passionate business leaders understand their customers; how they think and what they value.

Planning an app is an exciting and rewarding experience. Part of that process is ensuring everyone shares these important customer insights. Or at the most informed people are part of the decision making process.

2. Learn from videos of customers using your app

Undestanding what makes customers tick is one thing. You can learn even more by watching real customers use your app.

During Beta testing, we capture videos of customers using the app.

We can see the good and the bad things going on, and use this knowledge to change how the app works.

  • Where are they pausing to think about what to do?
  • Where are they getting confused?
  • Which parts of the app do use the most?

Videos give us great insight to what customers are thinking, and more importantly how they’re behaving when using your app.

3. Avoid giving customers lots of big changes in a short timeframe

If you’ve got 1000s of customers using your app every day or week, you don’t want to annoy them.

So it’s good to introduce changes gradually so they’re not overwhelmed.

Most of our apps receive significant updates quarterly. Small changes and bug fixes can happen weekly.