Reaching 1.1M new households via Nest integration

Helping Energenie integrate with Google Nest, tapping into a huge new customer-base whilst offer existing customers a more streamlined, integrated product experience

Client: Energenie

The Challenge

Energenie wanted to make their own radiator values work with Nest, to increase their value to customers and expand their potential product sales. Google owned Nest have over 1.1 million learning thermostats installed in homes.

The Outcome

We designed a new mobile app user experience that allows Energenie customers to use Nest from within the Energenie app. We handled many aspects of the technical integration that made the systems work together.

Nest Thermostats

Energenie sell SmartHome devices to help consumers control their homes via an app. One part of this is a smart radiator valve that allows consumers to control the temperature of each room in their house from an app.

Pocketworks have developed this mobile app for Energenie since 2014.

Energenie are always looking for ways to increase their market reach, and saw an opportunity with Nest. Nest is a Google owned company that sells smart thermostats, now installed in over 1.1 million homes. The smart thermostat market is valued at over £700M.

Energenie asked Pocketworks to help them achieve a simple, usable integration with Nest. Our work included:

  • Researching Nest marketing and UX guidelines
  • Designing a user experience that is simple and clear
  • Reviewing technical integration documents from Nest
  • Assisting with cloud API development
  • Mobile app development
  • Launching on the app store
  • Assisting review process with Nest team
  • Weekend support during PR deadlines
  • Project planning around immovable deadlines

Energenie Nest

Energenie Nest 1 Energenie Nest 2