Helping a taxi startup to scale

Helping Veezu increase taxi booking efficiency across the UK

Client: Veezu

The Challenge

Deploying a taxi booking app to several UK cities without loss of service

The Outcome

Consumer booking apps launched in Leeds, Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and Birmingham

Veezu is a large and established UK taxi operator. They focus on investing in new technology to raise the bar and create a best-in-class offering for all B2C and B2B customers.

Application-only businesses ar gaining traction across the UK, Veezu wanted to create an app that not only meets but actually exceeds all of the services that global technology businesses are offering their local customers. They believe strongly in localism and clear on meeting customer needs by providing a reliable and safe service with consistent pricing.

Before veezu acquired Amber Cars, Pocketworks spent 4 years developing the app with Amber cars. The app has emerged as the UK’s most successful prive hire taxi app.

As Veezu acquire new taxi companies, a new challenge has emerged - to deploy the app into new cities without any disruption or loss of service. This requires with careful planning, attentive management and thorough software testing.

At the same time, the Pocketworks development team continue to develop features to improve the capabilities of the app.

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