Creating a safer, more intelligent warehouse

RackEye helps warehouse owners increase safety and reduce audit costs

Client: A-Safe

The Challenge

With customers such as Coca Cola, BOSH and Jaguar - A-Safe needed to work with a software technology partner who could confidently help them take a groundbreaking concept to market. This product helps warehouses reduce costs and increase safety. It employs state of the art technologies to detect collisions between forklift trucks and racking. It sends damage alerts in real-time, and provides reports to management to help them take pro-active steps to reduce risk.

The Outcome

Within three months, A-Safe had a working RackEye proof of concept that could be demo'd at the CEBIT exhibition. We'd worked with them to explore possibilities, design a software architecture, and develop the necessary software components. The product entailed a mobile app for setting up rack sensors in the warehouse, and also a cloud platform for visualising damage reports. CEBIT was a huge success, and A-Safe are now confidently taking RackEye to market with our help.


A-Safe is a leading Yorkshire based manufacturer of protective barriers for warehouses, airports and other industrial settings.

A-Safe believed they could increase the safety in warehouses, and reduce their audit costs. Their idea combines electronics and software to create an intelligent damage detection system.

Typically, there is a lot of human effort invested in ensuring barriers aren’t damaged. Damage typically occurs when a truck collides with a rack or barrier, or when an over-loaded rack starts to buckle.

Pocketworks were invited to help them take the product to market, our work entailed:

  • Technology problem solving and opportunity exploration
  • User experience design
  • Software architecture
  • Integration with hardware devices
  • Cloud software development for management portal
  • Mobile app development
  • Specifying the hosting needs
  • Support during exhibitions and demos
  • Local “offline” setup for use in demos
  • Agile R&D spikes for high risk elements of the project
  • Project planning around immovable deadlines
  • Project risk and contingency planning
  • Working with 3rd party hardware designers

This project is work in progress, see the RackEye website for more information.

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