Technology Expertise

Mobile App Development

iPhone & iPad app development, Android app development, Cordova/Phonegap projects (seldom recommended), Windows Phone development

Intelligent Web Applications

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Postgres, CouchDB, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS

Systems Integrations

SOAP, XML, Apache ActiveMQ, Redis, MQTT, AQMP, VPN, Security

Hosted Cloud Solutions

Salesforce, Heroku, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean

Scalability & Infrastructure

Jenkins, Continuous Integration, Capistrano, Redis

Data Dashboards and Reporting

Realtime dashboards, PDF generation, HTML reports, SQL

Mobile Sales Enablement

Using iPads and mobile devices to support marketing and field sales teams. Read our ideas for using iPads for selling.

Apps for Field Workers

Solutions for those wanting to use mobile devices for field work, such as surveys, forms and technical sales

Digital Quoting

For sales engineers who quote complex products and configurations in the field.

Kiosk Solutions

Visitor kiosks, catalogues, interactive presentations and point of sale.


Apps that connect to CRM systems for faster, more convenient access.

Interactive Sales Aids

Interactive, engaging sales aids with animation, video and non linear decision led pathways.

Our Skills

Planning image


We manage the complexities of technical projects, leaving you to handle the business side.

Integration image


Apps seldom work in isolation. We’ll connect your CRM, ERP or third party systems to your app.

Web and Databases image

Web and Databases

Attractive content is key to many projects. We’re web and interactivity specialists too.

Advanced Technologies image

Advanced Technologies

Document databases, pub/sub, cloud computing & wearable devices.