Is this a good fit for you?

  • Do you believe the best digital products come from collaboration and iteration?
  • Do you take steps to create empathy with audiences when designing successful products?
  • Do you understand how to take quantative data and feed it into future product iterations?
  • Do you like to work quickly and pragmatically, using guerilla tactics where necessary

If so, you might be a good for for who we’re looking for.

Right now we’re not perfect in our design practices but want to raise the bar. We hope you can help.

The Role

We’re looking for a digital product designer who’s experienced with both user experience design and user interface design.

The role would involve leading customer interviews and workshops, research, creating mobile and web prototypes and creating polished user interfaces using latest mobile guidelines where applicable. Unlying all this you’ll help us move toward more mature design methods.

You’ll work on many native iOS and Droid mobile applications, and a good few web apps too. Many of our clients are startups so there are a few nice “blank slate” projects. We’re also expecting to work with chat bots requiring conversational interfaces before too long.

You’ll help the team create better products by introducing more design practices. Right now, we’re looking to embrace practices from IDEO’s Human Centered Design and Google Design Sprints, so you’re role will be to facilitate that.

You’ll be required to work directly with clients sometimes, and also getting out in the field for research.

What you’ll be working on

Pocketworks designs and develops modern software products involving technologies such as mobile, chatbots, web, wearables and IoT.

You’ll be designing digital products for a mixture of startups and established companies. The startup stuff is fun because you get to have a blank canvas, and potentially see the product grow. The established products are cool because you get to improve products used my 100,000+ users.

We like to move quickly and pragmatically; finding the fastest and leanest ways to create success for our clients without compromising the integrety of our design processes.

Ideally you’d…

  • Have experience facilitating design workshops
  • Have experience in concept validation and user testing
  • Have experience in research and ideation
  • Enjoy designing for outcomes, and know about User Stories or even better, Jobs to be Done
  • Have enough solutions experience to know how to tackle a wide variety of design challenges
  • Don’t mind sharing your crappy lo-fi sketches or putting them on the walls to discuss
  • Prefer to make decisions on data rather than heuristics. We do accept that gut feeling/left brain is also important.
  • Love creating modern mobile and web experiences incorporating advances in browser and mobile technology.
  • Like to set your own processes and influence those adopted by our team
  • Are happy working with a multi-disciplined Scrum team, combining engineering and design skills to create better products
  • Have good visual polishing skills in Sketch or Photoshop or whatever. We know polish isn’t the be-all-and-end-all but we have a serious love of beautiful design here
  • Open to conducting interviews and helping us grow the design team over time (nice to have)
  • Learn constantly about your profession. Attend events. And like sharing stuff on Slack/Twitter whatever (nice to have)
  • Have some web or mobile coding/prototyping skills would beAwesome() (nice to have)

What to expect at Pocketworks

  • A friendly, relaxed team who care about creating great work
  • Never work on your birthday again
  • Quite a lot of holidays
  • Use great tools (InVision, Sketch, big iMac, etc)
  • Flexibility in your working hours, but please make the standup at 9:30am!
  • Work from home when needed
  • Family friendly. Many of us have kids. We know what it’s like.
  • Be self managing. Go out and see clients and stuff without permission.
  • Relaxed environment in city centre
  • Regular team lunches (often at Trinity Kitchen or GLC)
  • Friday beers (and sometimes Wednesday beers haha)


If so, we’d love to hear from you if this sounds good. Send an email to and include…

  • Why you like the sound of this role
  • What you want to achieve in your career in the next 1-3 years
  • Links to examples of your best thinking, ideally including some native mobile and web
  • Links to examples of your best results, ideally including some native mobile and web
  • A CV