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Eliminate dead travel time

Optimise your sales trips by seeing planned appointments on a map. Arrange meetings with potential prospects nearby on your planned trip, reduce the amount of wasted time on the road, and close more deals.

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We're still building this idea into our PocketMEDIA sales rep solution. We'd welcome your input in exchange for access to a free prototype when it's ready.

If you're a sales rep , sales manager or marketing manager working in with a team of 5 or more, we'd like your help to make this feature perfect. Get in touch.

Who to meet

The PocketMEDIA Sales Trip Planner prompts you with new potential contacts that are conveniently en-route

Select tentative appointments

Quickly convert these contacts to tentative appointments and reduce dead time in your travel plans

Customise for flexibility

For a short trip in your local area, or a 14 day trip across a vast territory. Use filters to get the best suggestions based on prospect activity and status