Energenie & Nest

Sandal PLC asked us to design a mobile app to attract consumers to their Energenie Mi Home range. We helped them create a simple user experience that allowed customers to control their homes in sophisticated ways without the complexity of traditional SmartHome apps.

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Turn your mobile ideas into a successful product that engages audiences and drives business growth

Whether you’re an ambitious startup or established industry leader, your customers expect you to enhance their day to day lives by providing simple experiences using sophisticated technologies. We offer a series of services to get ideas from prototypes to production, and everything in-between.

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We are your guide to understanding how to apply digital technology to achieve your business objectives

We understand what it takes to take your ideas and turn them into a successful venture that will help you grow your business. In just 4 years we've launched over a dozen successful products that have facilitated over £44M in revenue and cost savings to our clients. Each of our products starts with an idea. We then follow a series of steps to safely grow that idea into a tangible, successful product.

There are so many emerging technologies that a company could be using for digital transformation. We're here to help our clients marry ideas with technology. To help them create something unique and compelling that will change their industry.

Tobin Harris
Founder & CTO, Pocketworks

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Hilton DoubleTree

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Reducing queues at hotel reception desks Learn more...

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Medical Protection Society

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Helping dental students learn on the move Learn more...

The four stages of taking your idea to market

your idea

The first step to developing a great product is to appraise the idea to reveal any potential issues and establish the investment required. This forms the basis of a successful outcome.

your best options

The most successful products are achieved through research & exploration. Using proven techniques, you're ideas and goals can evolve into a confident solution design.

your product to market

To get to market quickly it's important to identify what brings most value to your audience, and deliver that quickly. Combine mobile, cloud and IoT to launch something compelling.

from your audience

After launching your product it's time to learn from your customers and then feed those insights back into your product. Amongst other things, analytics and user testing will fuel the learning process.

"Since 2012, we've grown from zero to 60,000 mobile bookings a week."
Andy Pennock, Veezu

Report: What drives app downloads?

Report: What drives app downloads?

  • Convert your app store analytics into an actionable Marketing Effectiveness Report
  • Answer key questions such as: Are people finding my app by searching in the app store? Did they find my web page first? How effective is my social media or SMS marketing?
  • Learn how to interpret the data to increase your customer base, make better use of your marketing budget, and generate revenue

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