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Pocketworks offer relevant insights and guidance to identify mobile opportunities in your business

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Prototyping offers you the fastest, least-risk & most cost-effective route to market with your mobile app

App Development

We're adept at taking apps to market. Our skills include UX, QA, Windows, Android, iOS, integration and web


Successful projects last years. Our clients benefit from fast progress, responsive support and proactive maintenance

Bring your great ideas, we'll do the rest

So you probably want to use the latest technologies to engage customers, reduce costs and increase efficiency? You've probably got some great ideas, and now need a technology expert who can advise and implement. That's where we come in; using our skills in management, design and technology to deliver your most ambitious projects from start to finish.

Attract and engage customers

Your customers spend more time using their smartphones than any other digital medium. We help you tap into that potential by creating convenient, simple and engaging mobile experiences that lead to happier customers and increased sales.

Improve team efficiency

We're experts at delivering solutions that make people more productive, and which improve business communications. We help you reduce costs and increase efficiency using the latest mobile, wearable and cloud technologies.

Capture data in the field

If you have teams on the road, then technology can give them a huge competitive advantage. It's about by having the right data at the right time. We're able to develop solutions that are integrated into your existing databases and systems, so data can flow to those that need it, when they need it.

Enterprise apps

Apps are changing almost every industry and business vertical. We're a professional UK team working with £1b+ revenue companies. We work directly with senior managmenet, marketing directors and IT architects.

Latest Adventures

Work we've done & places we've been

Is Windows Mobile relevant to you now?

With Windows Mobile recently reaching a UK market share of 8.5%, it's worth looking at the ROI of developing your app for this platform.

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What we learned at the Private Hire & Taxi Exhibition

As Uber might indicate, mobile apps are driving huge change in the taxi and private hire industry. We took a peek at the Private Hire & Taxi Exhibition in Milton Keynes to see what's on the rise.

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iPad Kiosks at the Hilton DoubleTree

Our hotel kiosk app is a great example of how mobile apps can be used to attract customers and reduce costs. The app allows hotel guests and staff to book a taxi in seconds.

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Energenie Mi|Home at the Gadget Show, April 2015 Birmingham NEC

We took a trip out to see our friends at Energenie exhibiting at the April 2015 Gadget Show in Birmingham, where they're launching their Mi|Home range of smart home control products (electrical sockets, radiator valves and light switches).

Seeing them display their cool hardware and apps was pretty cool...

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Credit card payments now accepted in the Amber Cars app

Amber Cars customers using Android phones can now make bookings on their credit card. This brings them added convenience whilst allowing Amber to transact £5M in the first year.

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How to build a better app by knowing your customer

Successful apps are ones that people use.

Here are 3 tips to make your app successful by putting yourself in the shoes of your customer.

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