Energenie & Nest

Sandal PLC entered into a new marketplace with a mobile app capable of attracting consumers to their Energenie Mi|Home smarthome products. Over the following years, they refined and improved their app; introducing Nest integration and allowing consumers to control their homes in more sophisticated ways.

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IoT World Europe

Thanks for visiting us at Internet of Things World 2017
Part of London Tech Week / TechXLR8

We thoroughly enjoyed speaking to everyone that visited our stand at TechXLR8. Amazing to talk about so much potential around Internet of Things and Mobile. Thanks for visiting us.

How we can help you


No need to write a 100 page brief. We invite you to work face to face, asking key questions to capture an essential vision of what success looks like to you.


Avoid spending £50K on an app upfront. Use our design and prototyping service to visualise your ideas and test that they really work. All at a fraction of the cost.


Simplicity and reliability keep web and app customers coming back to your solution. Our UK app development team strive to achieve this in a fast and pragmatic way.


We offer various support options, including 24/7/365 support for mission critical apps. Once you're app is launched, we'll work with you to keep improving it.

Amber Cars
2012 - ongoing

Amber Cars increased automated bookings by 35% over 3 years, which in turn reduced their operating costs and allowed for a much higher capacity of bookings. After selling to Veezu in 2016, their mobile solution is used in several UK cities and transacts over £30M each year.

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"Tobin and his team helped us appreciate the importance of creating a simple user experience for our customers. Since 2012, we've grown to 50,000 mobile bookings a week, setting an industry record in the UK."
Andy Pennock, Veezu

Mobile Apps, Cloud, IoT, Data, Wearables

Combine your business expertise with our design and technology experience

When working with Pocketworks, you provide the business expertise and then rely on us for software expertise. We'll recommend relevant technologies and project management strategies to create a compelling digital product. In just 4 years we've launched over a dozen successful products that have facilitated over £44M in revenue and cost savings to our clients. Each of our products starts with an idea. We then follow a series of steps to safely grow that idea into a successful product, applying best-fit modern technologies.

A comprehensive service


  • Problem Analysis
  • Solution Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Attending Stakeholder Meetings
  • Product Roadmap Creation
  • Mobile Payments
  • Push Messaging
  • Web vs Native
  • Code Reviews
  • Analytics & KPI's

Design & Technnology

  • User Testing and User Research
  • Mobile App Design / Web design
  • iOS and Android App Development
  • Cloud and Web Development
  • Low Cost Prototyping
  • Lean Product Management
  • Integrating 3rd Party Systems
  • Data Storage and Reports
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway Development

Support & Management

  • Tailored Maintenance Packages
  • Preemptive App Updates
  • Server Uptime Monitoring
  • Server Maintenance and Hosting
  • Scaling Your Solution As It Grows
  • Push Notifications Servers
  • A/B Testing
  • ISTQB Level Software Testing
  • Test Case Authoring
  • Weekly Progress Reports

For startups and industry trailblazers

If you're an ambitious startups or established industry leaders, we can help you transform their ideas into successful digital products. Our services enable you take ideas from prototype to production, and everything in-between.

Services for Startups Services for Industry Leaders  Services for IoT Ventures

There are so many emerging technologies that a company could be using for digital transformation. We're here to help our clients marry ideas with technology. To help them create something unique and compelling that will change their industry.

Tobin Harris
Founder & CTO, Pocketworks

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Hilton DoubleTree

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Medical Protection Society

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Helping dental students learn on the move Learn more...

Report: What drives app downloads?

Report: What drives app downloads?

  • Convert your app store analytics into an actionable Marketing Effectiveness Report
  • Answer key questions such as: Are people finding my app by searching in the app store? Did they find my web page first? How effective is my social media or SMS marketing?
  • Learn how to interpret the data to increase your customer base, make better use of your marketing budget, and generate revenue

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